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Yarn Bowl


Mustard Yellow
Midnight Blue
Pumpkin Spice
Coast Blue
Seafoam Grey
Coral Pink

Delight a knitting enthusiast with a gorgeous ceramic yarn bowl to help them keep their yarn tidy while they’re enjoying their craft. The yarn bowl holds a 50g ball of yarn, with the tail coming out the curved side in a smooth, tangle-free motion for non-stop knitting action. Once the craft session is over, knitting needles can be popped through the yarn bowl’s side holes to keep all the materials safe.

Approx 17cm width x 8.5cm height.

Select from mustard yellow, midnight blue, pumpkin spice, coast blue, seafoam grey, or coral pink.

The ceramic yarn bowls are made in the Glosters Welsh pottery workshop in Porthmadog using high quality stoneware clay and glazes from our local supplier. Along with unique knitting gift ideas like the ceramic yarn bowl, we also produce many designer pottery pieces including our popular handmade stoneware mugs

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