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Drippy Lantern Pot


Mustard Yellow
Coast Blue
Coral Pink

Picture it: you’re lounging in the garden, watching the sun disappear over the horizon and bringing the cool envelopment of twilight, enhancing the glow from the candles flames dancing within your drippy lantern pot. Simply divine!

Approx 16cm high x 18cm width

Choose from mustard yellow, coral pink, or coast blue. 

The drippy lantern pot is a new spin on our incredibly popular Lantern Pot, combining the gorgeous drippy glaze design with our unique stoneware shape to create the ultimate glowing centrepiece.

The pottery candle holders and other designer ceramics are made from stoneware clay and glazes that we procure from our local UK supplier. Known for durability, our drippy lantern pots will enjoy a long life of bringing you light. 

Complete the whole ceramic candle holder set by adding a drippy match pot to your cart, and enjoy the £4.95 domestic UK flat rate shipping. 

Please note that when you have a candle lit inside the stoneware lantern, it will become hot - it is however safe on flat surfaces. Due to the handmade nature of our candle holders, you may notice slight variations from those pictured.

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