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Snowflake Ceramic Lantern


Curl your feet up beneath you on the armchair, cover yourself with a blanket and gaze out at the floating flakes of snow as they drift slowly to the ground, admiring their gentle dance without having to feel the cold. Inside, the snowflake is represented on this ceramic tealight lantern, its symmetrical pattern reflecting the flickering candle flame within.

Can't you just feel those cosy winter vibes? We've designed this new Snowflake ceramic lantern as part of our Christmas collection this year, joining an adorable penguin match pot and Christmas tree ornaments, alongside new holiday mugs.

Approx 5.5cm height x 4.5cm width

This Snowflake Ceramic Lantern is made from high quality stoneware clay sourced locally from our suppliers in Stoke-on-Trent. The strength and durability of the material allow it to be sturdy without becoming super heavy, while lasting the test of time. We've no doubt these lanterns will be coming out year after year with the rest of your treasured holiday decorations.

The snowflake ceramic lanterns will become hot when used with a candle flame. We suggest handling with care or using battery-operated tealight candles. Place only on a flat surface and keep away from children.

We are currently offering our domestic UK customers a flat rate £4.95 shipping - combine as many pieces of our contemporary ceramics as you like and create a stunning Christmas display.


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