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Winter Candle



This winter we’ve collaborated with Great House Farm Stores to produce a delightful winter candle.

Using our popular stoneware tumblers and GHFS’s ‘tidings’ fragrance, together we’ve produced a natural plant-based wax candle, scented with botanical & essential oils.

GHFS have layered vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon and oak to create a candle toward your soul. 

Tidings is a deeply spicy, woody scent that’s balanced with the vanilla sweetness of oak.

Our double organic cotton wick candles will burn for 50-60 hours giving you plenty of cosy light this winter. 
Once the candle is finished wash out the tumbler and either use as a tealight holder, pop it back to GHFS for a refill or use if for your favourite beverage.

Each candle comes safely packaged in a recycled Kraft box and wrapped in our exclusive winter tissue paper. 

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