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Portmadoc Bottle Vase


Egg shell blue
Coast blue
Rusty Egg Shell
Mustard yellow
Sea foam grey

Cast stoneware ceramic bottle embossed with Portmadoc known today as the town of Porthmadog, home to our pottery workshop.

Using the best mould makers in the business we took a vintage Portmadoc glass codd-bottle, these bottles where mass produced for water or pop companies and personalised for each town or business throughout the U.K., to Stoke-on-trent and asked them to model a similar bottle that we’d be able to cast in clay here in Porthmadog as a momento of the town. A perfect gift for those that live here, those who’ve moved away, or those who visit on holiday. 

Our bottles measure approximately 28cm x 5cm and are made from stoneware clay. 

Prefect for small stems from the garden they are water proof and hold water, perfect decorative items. 

Available in Glosters glazes, if the colour you fancy isn’t available pop us an email and we’ll be able to assist further. 

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