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Portmadoc Bottle Vase


Eggshell Blue
Coast Blue
Rusty Eggshell
Mustard Yellow
Seafoam Grey

Bring your space to life with this unique piece of ceramic pottery from Glosters. The cast stoneware ceramic bottle is embossed with the name ‘Portmadoc’ - a town which today is known as Porthmadog and is home to the Glosters pottery workshop.

Once a popular bottle shape for transporting and selling water and pop, codd bottles featured embossed personalisation for various towns and businesses throughout the UK. We took a vintage Portmadoc codd bottle to the best mould makers in the business, and asked them to make a model for a version that we could cast here in our Porthmadog pottery workshop.

Now, these Portmadoc bottle pottery vases serve as a unique memento of the town, making a gift for town residents or for those who’ve moved away, or the perfect souvenir for those here on holiday.

Approx 28cm height x 5cm width
These pottery vases are perfect for holding a few stems from the garden.

The Portmadoc bottle vases are available in all Glosters glaze colours. If the colour you fancy isn’t available to select with the buttons above, contact us and we’ll assist you further.

The bottle-shaped ceramic vases and all contemporary ceramics from our pottery workshop are made from stoneware clay that is known for its strength and durability, while the glazes make the bottle waterproof and add a stunning lustre.

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