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Cowes Milk and Wight Sugar

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on March 04 2016

This week Tom has been working on a commission that he makes each year for a shop on the Isle of Wight. They have great word play! Tom makes them Cowes Milk jugs, Wight Sugar pots and Freshwater jugs, all a play on words using place names on the island. My favourite are the freshwater jugs the shape is amazing! This year I've convinced Tom to make an extra one for us to keep! I'll show you all a photo once they are ready.

A couple of photo's of the jugs being made this week-

This week we've also had a photography session ready for our new trade catalogue. This year we are really concentrating on the wholesale side for the pottery as well as developing new products and courses here in Porthmadog. We had the help of our friend Dave for the photography... without an iPhone neither of us can take a photo! Where as Dave most certainly can! Here is one of the catalogue shot as well as the front cover of our new catalogue that will launch at the British Craft trade Fair in Harrogate this April and then we'll also be at Pulse, London in May.


Over on our Instagram page this month we are taking part in #marchmeetthemaker organised by @joannnehawker. Each day is a different theme, so each day we post a new photo so that we can share more about our business and story with you. Take a look! (@siopglosters) It's really interning for us to see what other businesses are sharing and also share things that we might not necessarily think of sharing otherwise.


M x