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F**k this sh*t mug



* Hello, we receive hundreds of messages a week about these mugs... at the moment we are about to move to a larger workshop space where we hope we can expand our team and produce more mugs. We totally understand it’s frustrating that they’re never in stock, we’re trying our best right now with kilns miss firing regularly and a small workshop. 
We promise the moment we’ve moved these guys are on the list. The best bet is to sign up to the email notifications as to when they are back instock, thanks for baring with us* 

Our popular handmade stoneware mug with ‘f**k this sh*t’ in calligraphy writing.
A 2020 lockdown exclusive because we’re all feeling it!

Available as navy writing. (Design on both sides)

Mug- A large mug for those who prefer a larger tea or coffee. Perfect for hot chocolates. They hold approximately 3/4 of a pint.

Height- 10cm 

Width- 8.5cm

Width with handle- 11cm 

Muglet- A new smaller version of our popular mug.

These guys hold just under half a pint, perfect for a smaller brew, a 6oz coffee, squash... And we won’t lie mulled wine too! 

Great for children and adults alike!

Height 7cm

width 7.5cm

width with handle-10cm


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