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F**k this sh*t mug



*PRE-ORDER shipping week November 23rd* 

Our popular handmade stoneware mug with ‘f**k this sh*t’ in calligraphy writing.
A 2020 lockdown exclusive because we’re all feeling it!

Available as navy writing. (Design on both sides)

Mug- A large mug for those who prefer a larger tea or coffee. Perfect for hot chocolates. They hold approximately 3/4 of a pint.

Height- 10cm 

Width- 8.5cm

Width with handle- 11cm 

Muglet- A new smaller version of our popular mug.

These guys hold just under half a pint, perfect for a smaller brew, a 6oz coffee, squash... And we won’t lie mulled wine too! 

Great for children and adults alike!

Height 7cm

width 7.5cm

width with handle-10cm


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