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Pea Green Handmade Mug



One of the newest glaze options for our handmade ceramics, the pea green handmade mugs are a gorgeous addition to our catalogue. 

The pea green handmade stoneware mug can be purchased in three different sizes. Select using the buttons above when adding to cart. 

10cm height x 8.5cm width (11cm including handle)
Holds approximately 3/4 a pint.
A large handmade coffee mug - also great for huge cups of tea or a sneaky gin and tonic.

7cm height x 7.5cm width (10cm including handle)
Holds just under 1/2 a pint
A slightly smaller version of the original handmade mug, for little hands and little thirsts.

5.5cm height x 4.5cm width (6.5cm including handle)
Holds approximately 40ml
A handmade espresso cup for downing shots of coffee or sipping at some port wine.

If you’re as entranced by this pea green glaze as we are, you can also buy matching acorn soup bowls and drinks tumblers from our online or bricks-and-mortar store. All of our contemporary ceramics are made using stoneware clay known for its durability.

Taking care of your pottery is easy - you can use them in the dishwasher and microwave with no problems. More information on pottery care is available in our guide. Please note that because we make all our pottery by hand, each piece is unique and may differ in small ways from the photographs.

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