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Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on February 12 2016

We have rather a lot to let you know about this week! It's been a super busy week at HQ with one thing and another.

So firstly for those who attended our ring bowl workshop a couple of weeks ago, the bowls are now ready to collect, for those who didn't attend take a look at the amazing creations that where made! There are a few I'd like to keep but obviously they'll be off to their new owners very soon, until them I get to admire them in my office all day.

Very soon, in fact on April 10th- 12th we'll be at the British Craft trade Fair in Harrogate and then during May 15th-17th we'll be at Pulse, London exhibiting Tom's ceramics to trade customers. This is a part of the business we're really focusing on this year. Tom stocked 15 shops in wales with his pottery but then with running the cafe as well the demand was so high we had to let some shops go. Now we're building on this part of the business again. We've already seen a huge interest in Tom's work this year with trade orders throughout January. To be a little more organised we're currently working on a trade catalogue and the terms and conditions that we'll be sending out to prospective shops and retailers. Now as a shop its interesting for us to see the process from each side, from the buying and selling side. We've learnt a lot about what's expected from a buyer and what as a seller we expect from retailers too.

For anyone interested in Tom's ceramics please get in tough or visit us at one of these fairs.

Finally we've also got some of the Te, Coffi and Siwgr pots in the shop after almost a year! They tend to sell way before they are made! But... well... Tom coloured these slate grey instead of green for an order! So win win we now have them in the shop, happy mistake!


With March fast approaching also we've been busy experimenting with Mother's day and Easter keepsakes. The first samples came out of the kiln yesterday and look great!

Valentine's 2016-

Tomorrow we're sharing our love for Porthmadog to celebrate Valentine's day this year.

We've been busy (or rather I have... Mr G is not so handy with a crochet hook! ) making 60 crochet hearts  that we'll be yarn booming Porthmadog with tomorrow! All the hearts have been hand crocheted with love , if you find one you're more then welcome to take one home with you as a gift to yourself or to give to a loved one for valentines day. Each heart has a label on and if you're on social media of any kind we'd really like if you could use the hashtag #sharethelove or #caruporthmadog with details of where you found the heart! We can't wait to se where they all end up!

(The hearts should be around town pretty early so keep a look out.)


More next week! 

M x