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Fabulous Places- Derby Spring Market

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on March 17 2019

Derby Spring market

Just one week to go and we'll be back in Derby at the Spring market with over 100 other fabulous stall holders and this is why you should come too!

A couple of years ago and entirely because Instagram is a very dangerous place that shows you lots of beautiful things and places to visit! I stumbled across some post about the forth coming fair at the Derby roundhouse. 

Stunned by how utterly beautiful it all looked I was able to convince Tom that we needed to visit... Tom had been at university in Derby so I swung it with the 'oh it'll be nice to visit...' We love a good trip... and everything I ever suggest visiting seems to be at least 3 hours from home!

We set off early that Sunday blissfully unaware of the magical market that lay ahead of us, and how this beautiful fair would become a part of our lives.

Organised by Fabulous Places, as soon as we arrived we where greeted by a queue. This is something I've never really seen at a fair... so it must be good right?! Right! As soon as we got in you could absolutely see why!


You're instantly immersed in a court yard full of street food vendors, I defy you to leave without trying the hallomi fires from Meltworks! But you'll have to be quick, they tend to sell out! (now that we attend the fair as makers... they are my 11am break!)

In the court yard you'll also find Bunty... the flower truck! Full of seasonal blooms it's an absolute show stopper from 'The Greenery' and invariably I leave with a seasonal bouquet to travel home with. 

So now the fair... brace yourself! 

As you enter the roundhouse, now an events venue but previously the worlds first and oldest railway house. On your left is the liabary full of stalls, I start here, ease yourself in gently! Stalls range from handmade, homewares & styling, greetings cards, candles, jewellery, vintage, don't forget the fudge and the doughnuts! It's literally a feast of all things pretty and tasty! 

Now I won't lie to you, it's not the kind of market you can pop to... it's going to take you the day because once you enter the roundhouse its self this will need a few laps to see all of the stalls on offer. 

I am regularly caught by organiser Deb from Fabulous Places walking around with shopping bags... it's quiet possible I leave the potter to earn what I am spending! But if you visit you'll see why, I can do the majority of the years Birthday gifts, Mother's Day and Christmas shopping at these markets, thats right, theres a summer and a Christmas one too! 

So if you're looking for something special, you're searching for a day out, something all under one roof, the place that literally screams the perfect Instagram shots! Then look no further... this beautiful market has nailed it, my heart flutters at the thought of another visit and what beauties I'm about to discover. Plus... you're favourite potters are there too ;)


So here's our Top 5 must see's-

Jane Kent- 

Firstly Jane is the kindest person you'll ever meet! If you follow her on Instagram her stories are almost like a little letter to you. Secondly she makes the most beautiful stitched pieces, she's recently made some work for the shop including a welsh version of these flags, not only that she made us all beautiful name badges which we'll be sure to wear at the market. (Arthur got one too!)


This may sound ridiculous... and yes I am in my 30's and have no children... but a woman should never be without a hippo in a flower crown I can tell you! In fact whilst we're on the subject... her name is Hilda and she lives in the van.... But she's not my only piece form Jo at Bowbeaus and they make the perfect gifts and cake toppers, my nephew loves his t-rex in a party hat!

Harry And Frank-

This is a beautifully styled stall full of vintage pieces, my mum and sister have me messaging photos back and forth of things they want me to buy! It's one not to be missed!

Darwin and Grey-

Stacey's stall is always so flipping beautiful! I cannot wait to see the new pink banners at this market.



Tom's personal favourite... apparently the Oero one is the best!

So we'll see you all there okay? That's next Sunday the 24th of March at the Derby roundhouse.

P.S Everyone is so lovely too...! Friendliest fair we've ever had the pleasure of  being part of.

M x

(photos from Fabulous Places and the mentioned stall holder)