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Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on February 09 2018

I really can't quiet believe that we're quickly approaching Valentine's day already! 

January was a hectic month for us with Hub renovations (I really do plan on writing a proper blog post on this with lots of photos and all the things we have organised for the space this year.) On top of that we both got struck but 'The cold' that we just couldn't shake off! Finally we're both recovering and the 'brain fog' is lifting in time for spring fair preparations. 

So Valentine's day! Of course there are those who will tell us all it's commercial rhubarb.. but.. as a shop keeper a maker and a hopeless romantic I will of course tell you it's really worth while to spoil the hell out of those you love! 

Here are my favourites that we have in the shop and online currently-


Even if you don't splash out on a gift, a little card shows you've thought about it-  

The new foil collection from Nansi Nudd is really beautiful, the range is expanding constantly and proving really popular. 

Valentine's card

Another of my favourites is from Card Nest, though designed as a Wedding card I think it perfect for Valentine's- 

Valentine's card

Valentine's card

Little tokens to fit inside cards have also proven popular, we sold out of our ceramics hearts at Santes Dwynwen (welsh valentine's) but we've restocked in time for valentine's- 

cariad heart

Wooden love spoons, a welsh tradition originally where the man who'd make his love a wooden love spoon, these are popular at weddings. They're super handy for posting too, light and not overly fragile.

wood spoons

For the hopeless romantic (yes please!) you could of course opt for a Glosters vase... and then pop over to see Sue at Liliwen (our local florist here in Porthmadog) who does a cracking job at filing them full of blooms! I had this one filled full of blooms just yesterday and it's really lifted my spirits here in the shop.

(if you plan to order online please check with us what we have in stock and ready to go)

ceramic vase

But... what if you live with that person who's a little off the wall...?! I think i've got something for them too!

A firm favourite are these ceramic vases from Stolen Form- 

brick vase

And... because today is national pizza day (apparently that's a thing!?) this card proves perfect though not necessarily true!

love card

 Another alternative for the creative half in your life might be a course in our new hub! We have a bath bomb course or a mug building course coming up soon-

bath bombs
stripey mug

Pottery Courses

If of course if you just fancy spoiling yourself (or a loved one...) our valentine's limited edition candles are now available to pre-order online to collect in the shop or have them delivered (we're hoping they'll be here on monday) poured by local company Charismatic Cat Candles we've opted for a rose jam scent in our Rose pink dip bowls. (only 20 available... once they're gone they're gone!)

pink bowls

 So there we have it, my valentines favourites, I hope for one of each! 

Did you know it's pancake day next week too! What a week! I'll share my gluten free pancake recipe in time for you all :)

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

M x