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Autumn Window Display

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on September 18 2014


Our favourite time or year (apart from christmas!) is Autumn, not only because it's our wedding anniversary and the time of year we go on holiday! But because of the colours, it's that time when it gets a little cooler, time for log fire and get out the wooly blankets with possibly mulled cider...

It was only right that our window display should reflect that!

Once we had a vague idea of what we wanted we went about sourcing bits and bobs-

We ordered some fresh hops from a lovely company that send them straight to you in a box (we used them for our wedding too!)

The Griffiths parents where set off to locate a suitable branch for the window. We went on lots of dog walks with Arthur (the dachshund) to find lots of pine cones.

Once everything arrived we set about assembling it all.

The windows are now framed by fresh hop bines that are drying nicely with each day, the shop in the mornings is filled with the aroma of fresh hops.

There is a nice comfy chair in the corner covered in a nice wooly blanket (we have more in stock very soon!!) We've been lucky enough to located some more lamp stands for the lovely welsh blanket lampshades by Peris and Corr (lamp stands are for sale) 


The windows and the floor are covered in fabric leafs, either scattered or sewn to replicate the falling leafs of autumn. Strung in the window also are pine cones . Our branch started in the window in full leaf and as the days go by the leafs are beginning to replicate those outside and are changing everyday.

We've got some lovely autumn coloured cushions and also our new log crate. In the evening it lights up beautifully and really gives off a glow of autumn (our window is lit until 10pm)

It was great fun designing the window and we've already started on ideas for the christmas window... there is a box full of things we'r collecting for it!