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Blog Friday! Pots... pots... and more pots!

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on January 15 2016

Hi! It's friday and therefore blog day! Super quick week though right?

So what have wee been up to? Monday saw us travel the length of the country in search of some christmas stock (yes I said it... christmas...) You'll be glad to know we found some pretty awesome decorations for this next christmas by lots of independent makers.

Tuesday saw the potter back in the workshop in full swing, over christmas we had a bit of a re-arrange so now the workshop is huge! After the christmas finger incident where he cut his finger (house diy disaster!) and couldn't make any pots... he's straight back into it! If you're waiting for pots these may very well be yours here. We've also been getting lots of wholesale orders for the pottery. This is something we're expanding on this year, stocking more shops throughout Britain with Glosters Pottery, for details if you'd like to stock the pottery please do drop us an email.

We're currently working on some branding for the pottery, a little more 'messy maker' than the Glosters brand.

Since last week we've had lots of great Santes Dwynwen and Valentines day stock in, more is expected to arrive today, most of it is now live on the website too under St Dwynwen/Valentines.  The Love Spoon are my absolute favourites, their made in Wales by a lovely blacksmith who was super quick to get these to us. 


We have super exciting news... but I'm apparently not allowed to tell you until all is... signed?!


Until next week!

M x