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March Challenges

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on March 03 2017

Hello! How is it march already?! I saw this quote yesterday and it could not be truer!

So now it's march... we're taking part in a couple of instagram challenges- I'm the hugest fan of instagram, I can literally waste hours looking at everyones gorgeous photos and also it's so inspiring! 

We're taking part in the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge hosted by Joanne Hawker @joannahawker. It's a great challenge for creative businesses to share their story with you all, you get to see the behind the scenes bits that regularly our instagram photos don't show. Joanne has made us all this handy planner so we know what to post each day. 


So far we're on day 3 so we've shared a photo of Tom at work- he is the master potter who often we don't share because he's covered in clay!

We've shared Tom's favourite make- our super cute jugs that have been so popular since he started making them 6 years ago and we shared a little background as to why he makes them.

Today is day 3 and a shot of the workshop, Tom has two main wheels for throwing a buff stoneware wheel and a white stoneware wheel. He then has the kiln area and the glazing area. There is also a space to make our smaller items like the decorations and tables that we use when running course (only so many photos I could fit in though!) We're hoping to expand the pottery in the coming months to include one or possibly two further wheels as we plan to employ 1 or 2 part time potters to assist with the workload and keep up with demand .

To keep up with the rest of the challenge please give us a follow over on Instagram @glostersporthmadog it also includes regular photos of what's hot out of the kiln, new stock in the shop as well as numerous Arthur photos!

So as well as this challenge which is focusing on Tom and his ceramics, I'm also taking part in a challenge over on my instagram (@sewingharbourside) this is a similar challenge to meet the maker but purely focused on sewing, organised by @thatwendyward and @dressmakerssocail. Im a sewer at heart... but with having the shop I haven't been able to make in a while... this year I've set myself the challenge not to buy any clothes for the entire year! (this was before 3 of our friends announced their weddings... now I'm under pressure to make a nice dress to wear!) #miymarch17 showcases what sewers all around the world are up to and lets us share our makes, spaces and ideas with others. So far we've had day one with a photo of ourselves. Day 2 with a photo of our sewing spaces-

Day 3- today a photo of our sewing essentials... well that had tea include tea and Arthur!

If you'd like to keep up with my march sewing challenge, or even my year of sewing! Then please give me a follow over on instagram. (@sewingharbourside)


Right so they are our March challenges! So what happened this week? well there was some epic pancake action in the Gloster household using the gluten free pancake recipe i shared on the blog last week! (turns out... pancakes are Tom's best cook!)

In the workshop? Tom's been making this huge bowl! it's truly beautiful! I cannot wait to see it finished and I'm a little sad that it's already sold... but he assures me he's going to make more-


Also if you saw the Pottery Throwdown last night... Tom will be taking on the goblet challenge later today and we'll be posting the video on our facebook page later.


That's all for this week :)

M x