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Paint Job!

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on February 25 2017

It's been a couple maybe even 3 years since we painted the shop, it was starting to look a little 'lived in...' so in time for the spring we thought we'd have a little spruce up!

We opted for a Farrow and Ball paint, actually the same paint that we painted our front doors at home in. We 've had such lovely comments from passers by at home that we really wanted to bring that into work.

Above- our doors at home, the brass stands out so well on it that we plan to have brass handles here at work too.

Finally we had a break in the weather so Tom was straight out to paint! 

Tom managed to get a couple of good coats of paint on in one day, it does need another but the change is so amazing it's really nice to see it bright and bubbly again. 

It did however come to my attention on the way to work this morning... that I may be a little obsessed with purple... the thought occurred to me as I stomped down the street in my purple DM's.. with purple glasses... and a purple woolly hat... having just cooked my breakfast on our purple stove... hmmm... never mind! 


Above- Dressing simliar to the shop... and cooking up a purple storm!

Don't forget pancake day this next tuesday! I've shared my gluten free pancake recipe on the previous blog or pick up a copy in the shop :)


 M x