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Spring Wreath "how to' Guide

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on March 22 2018

Last week I shared a photo of my spring wreath over on instagram and the response was phenomenal. So many of you messaged me asking me how it's made, what I used, and could I run a course to make one?!

Well time is running a little short at Glosters HQ right now, we're working on a couple of big projects and so unfortunately I don't have the time to run the course, but I have written this 'how to guide' so hopefully you'll give it a go and get creative yourself. 

After seeing lots of gorgeous wreaths appearing on Instagram ( do not search for spring wreaths... it's literally full of gorgeous houses!) I set about searching for one... the thing is they are few and far between in rural North Wales... I'm not sure we've caught on yet! My friend described my need as though I wanted to be part of 'hipster London' and why the hell not?! Lets set a trend say! 

To have a wreath made and posted to me was coming in rather pricey... so surely it's not that hard to give it ago?

I visited our local florist here in Porthmadog, Liliwen, where Sue kitted me out with all I requested. From previous experience I knew that eucalyptus dries nicely and doesn't age too badly, as well wax flower, I also picked some gypsophila and some other good looking fake ranunculus. Sue also had an oasis wreath base that I could use which saved the hassle of having to make the usual moss base like you do at Christmas.


Eucalyptus (I had some small leaf fresh and some bigger leaf that I had dried)

Gypsophila (those mini white flowers often in bouquets)

Wax Flower (it's real I promise!) 

Berries (on my first wreath I had some pink berries, but on the second I opted for pink and white wax flower) 

Fake foliage (I had some left over from christmas wreaths, but you can pick this up cheap in Wilko or use fresh if you have it in the garden) 

Fake Flowers (I choose some cute fake ranunculus that Sue had in, but wilko have some gorgeous fake roses at the moment) 

Snips (or scissors) 

Florist wire

Glosters Decoration (essential of course!)

Dried hydrangea 

So first up take you oasis base and soak it in water. Mine had a foam back and oasis front so it's not wet sitting against the door or on the table if you choose to use it as a table centre. (Sue recommends waiting for it to sink it's self, it's then ready to start.) 

First take some of the fake (or fresh) foliage and dried hydrangea and work around the outside of the wreath edge filling in, work in the same direction at all times! it'll soon fill in, add some of the dried eucalyptus and fresh. 

Take you's snips! cut off the smaller bits at the bottom of the eucalyptus, you'll use these are fillers. (to get the flowers/ eucalyptus to sitting in the oasis remove the bottom leafs, don't be afraid to push it in, you want it firm so it won't blow away in our wonderful weather! 

In the same way work around the wreath in the same direction as before, don't worry too much is there are gaps, use a mix of the wax flower and gypsophila too, fill the whole top. With smaller bits add to the top and fill some gaps, the wax flower is really handy to just adding here and there, don't forget you'll have the fake flowers to fill big gaps too. 

The inside of the wreath needs to be covered too, it might not be too noticeable now whilst you're working from above (and to be honest if you'r putting a candle holder in the middle similar to I have for a table centre then really you wont's need to do much.)

Once the wreath is pretty much covered it's just a  matter of adding the fake flowers where you feel. Chop off the stems and push them into the oasis. 

To add a decoration, wire through the hole, you can hide the wire with tied ribbon. Pull the wire around the wreath to the back and twist. 

In the same way you can make a hanger, I have a wreath hanger from christmas that fits over the door, you can get these on ebay at this time of year if you don't have one. 

 And there we go! You've made your wreath or table centre. Here are a couple of photos of my second wreath ready for the easter table. (I've added a small glass fish bowl and candle in the middle)


If you have a go do let me know! send us a photo over on Instagram or by email we'd love to see.

I'm already on my next wreath project... I've swooned for year after a succulent wreath, so i've just had a delivery of a moss wreath base and some mini succulents. They need to be planted into the base and root before you can hand it on the door... I'll let you ono how I get on!

M x