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Mev’s Top Autumn Picks

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on September 06 2023

It’s hard to believe that the summer has flown by and here we are just days away from our autumn launch! 

The team have been working incredibly hard over the summer to bring together the best collection possible and it’s time for me to share my favourites with you. 


1. Spooky Castle Mug 

This summer we launched our fabulous sandcastle mug, it wasn’t long before talk in the workshop had switch to autumn, instantly there was talk of making a spooky castle mug! Our bat mug was so popular last year it only felt right to give the spooky castle a go and it did not dissapoint!


2. Pumpkin mug 

A life long dream completed! 

We once made a stylised pumpkin mug for mug club, you might even own that very mug. Since then i have longed to recreate it. As soon as we started embarking on casting form real pumpkins it was only a matter of time before a mug would soon come along. It’s actually extremely easy to drink form too. 

3. Autumn treat box 

This autumn I wanted to create a special treat for one of those days when you need a little pick me up. 

Nestled inside each box is one of our trick or treat bowls, some toffee apple popcorn, an exclusive to the box splatter muglet and cherry cola vampire lantern, we’ve even popped in a little pumpkin spice tea light and hot chocolate stick. A perfect box for a rainy afternoon at home.


4. Penelope

Last year we created a pumpkin lantern and named him Pedur, he took our autumn launch by storm! Though he’s making a return this year there needed to be a new kid on the block. Enter Penelope! The perfect Pedur companion, and a beautiful stand alone piece in her own right she’s sure to bring a smile to your face.


5. Frank with matches

It’s not autumn without Frank! This year our Frank is available in a beautiful speckled white glaze, he almost resembles a Skelton in this glaze! He’s super useful too with his matches, ready to help light those candles and wood burners this autumn.


All our autumn collection is available to view, we really hope you like it! 


Happy Autumn, 

Mev x 



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