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Mrs Glosters Mulled Wine

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on November 16 2017

It's been a while.. Im sorry! things got a little crazy.. if you follow us over on Facebook or Instagram you will have been kept up to date with the craziness. In short.. we got a new kiln, we now have 25 stockists of Glosters pottery, and the shop got a bit manic! 

But we're back, I promise I'll try and keep up. But with Christmas fast approaching now, I thought we'd start with something fun! 

Im sharing my mulled wine recipe with you, this is the mulled wine recipe we use for our late night shopping (which I may add is next thursday evening if you fancy a taste, November 23rd 5-8pm )

Basically, put of all the below ingredients into a large pan with 1 pint of water, double the amounts if you require more mulled wine! Simmer, do not boil.. for around 20 minutes, filling your home with the gorgeous smell of winter. 

I use runny honey but any honey will do, also poking cloves into an orange makes you feel extra festive-

This is our go to beverage on cold frosty nights sat around the wood burner, we also had this on the beach last boxing day over a campfire! Bliss!


Drink responsibly obviously guys... but drink and be merry! x


M x