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Stormy Seas Handmade Mug



This handmade mug with black and blue glaze was inspired by gazing into the turbulent Stormy Seas and watching the waves crashing over the rocks with a foamy splash. 

The Stormy Seas handmade pottery mugs are available in three sizes: 

10cm height x 8.5cm width (11cm including handle)
Holds approximately 3/4 a pint.
Coffee, tea - even a rum and coke - this large handmade mug quenches a proper thirst.

7cm height x 7.5cm width (10cm including handle)
Holds just under 1/2 a pint
Fill this smaller handmade mug up with your favourite beverage, whatever it may be. 

5.5cm height x 4.5cm width (6.5cm including handle)
Holds approximately 40ml
Did you know these espresso mugs can also double as ceramic shot glasses?  

This stunning glaze is a highly sought-after colour combination that we also apply to our popular match pots and ceramic spoon rests. Take advantage of our flat rate UK domestic shipping and collect the full set!   

All of the products in the Glosters range of British handmade ceramics are made using locally-sourced glazes stoneware clay from our Stoke-on-Trent- based supplier. This particular clay was selected for its durability and sturdiness, which allow the designer pottery to go in microwaves and dishwashers with no hassles. 

Please note that all pieces are handmade and may vary slightly from the photographs in colour and shape. All handmade ceramics are quality checked before sale.

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