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How to- Easter Bunny Napkin

Written by Myfanwy Gloster


Posted on April 14 2019

It's possible that the older I'm getting the more I want to create some fabulous dinning table! And faffing becomes a priority... I mean not necessarily on a daily basis... our dining table is normally covered in unopened letters and magazines we never get around to reading! 

But at certain times I will make an effort, Christmas and when people come around, I try to create this illusion of a pretty existence and not the chaos we tend to dwell in!

This prettifying the table lark has introduced me to a whole new world of napkins! So I thought I'd share a quick and simple napkin design perfect for Easter. You could use boiled eggs, wooden eggs like I have or even chocolate eggs. 

What you'll need-

Napkin (I've used one of the napkins we're currently stocking here at Glosters.

Twine ( I picked this one up at a garden centre, a nice ribbon will work too)

Egg (I've used a wooden one but an sort of egg will do)

Pen (for the bunny face if you'd like)

Happy Easter!

M x

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