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If you’re looking for a soup receptacle, this handmade ceramic bowl is certainly not the one. With dozens of hand-poked holes, this pottery bowl has been designed for use as a colander or sieve, for washing berries, grapes, cherries or any other fruits or vegetables.

The ceramic colander design is complete with a handle on either side so you can keep your hands out of the way while the water drains through. The holes also mean there is excellent aeration through the bowl, keeping the fruit fresh.

The bottom of the ceramic bowl is solid, so once you’ve finished rinsing you can pop the fruit directly onto the table and you won’t get any leaks.

Approx 17cm x 8.5cm 

Available in speckled white, speckled grey or speckled pink

Made using glazes and stoneware clay from our local supplier in Stoke-on-Trent, the unique design of this ceramic berry bowl remains sturdy and durable despite the holes. The glazes are food safe and the entire ceramic bowl can be used in both the microwave or the dishwasher.

The ceramic berry bowl is hand made and glazed in our pottery workshop in Porthmadog, alongside our other designer pottery pieces. As such, it may differ slightly from that shown. By the way - here’s the ceramic soup bowl - there’s no holes in this one!

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