First rule about mug club...? Definitely talk about mug club!

So what is mug club? Well it's the chance to own some very special edition Glosters mugs. We'll release 4 special edition mugs each year, they might be limited glaze or design or seasonal. They'll only be available to mug club subscribers.

There is the option to sign up for one club, two, three or all four!

Perfect gift for mug lovers too!

febuary 2020- sign up by January 31st

june 2020- sign up by May 31st

september 2020- sign up by August 31st

november 2020- sign up by October 31st 


Let me tell you about why we started ‘mug club’

It was March 2018... we’d had some pretty hefty bills and made pretty much no money for a couple of weeks. We needed to do something fast.

So we set up ‘mug club’ a quarterly subscription, you’d receive a limited edition mug a complete surprise and something we wouldn’t make again.

Since 2018 the club has grown and grown, we now have 40 subscribers for each edition. ♥️

The thing is.

We are on lock down.

Whilst yes we are allowed to go post online orders and yes we can cycle to work pop a kiln on and cycle home... we essentially can’t work in our workshop at the capacity we have been this year and so we can’t make as much work right now.

We have had to make the super hard decision to keep our staff at home 😰

It is just the potter and I now...

I for one do not want to live a life without opening a kiln full of mugs ever again...

I don’t want Tom to ever have to give up making pots either.

And I really want everyone back in our workshop safe and well so we can carry on where we left off, what was set to be a cracking year.

To do that.

Tom and I need to keep this wagon rolling.

It was long our intention that the June ‘mug club’ would be a beaker this year (spoiler... sorry! 😬)

To continue working we have brought a wheel home to throw pots here but with limited tools here we thought now was the perfect time to get those beakers made and ready.

We have 3 weeks on ‘lockdown’ and who knows maybe more...

So here is our plan... we’ve opened the June mug club up too new subscribers and re-named it... ‘partridge palace beaker club’

We are throwing and carving these beakers here, at home, we intend to update you everyday as Tom moves his potters wheel around the ‘partridge palace’ (he has already said he has a rival show for ‘mugs with Mev’ called ‘potting in pants’ 🤣🙈 so brace yourselves!)

I know it’s not a conventional ‘mug club’ but these are exceptional circumstances and I hope those of you already signed up don’t mind me dropping the surprise for June 😳

If you fancy joining the ‘beaker army’ as we continue working and ensuring the future of our business we would be eternally grateful.

We are more than happy for people to collect in store because hopefully by June... we’re all back at work right?!

And by June we’ll have been able to fire and glaze this army ready for those summer beverages when we can all reminisce about our time in ‘lockdown’... when that guy on Instagram made beakers... in his pants... at a house his wife insists on calling partridge palace 💪🏻  😉 who’s in?!

 (To sign up for more than one mug club add each one to your cart) 

Mug club is made to order, they are special edition, not to be repeated and are therefor not availabe to return or exchange.  (Should a mug arrive broken we will of course replace this)